Over time our fat pads in our cheeks fall, dermal filler in the cheeks will lift the nasal labial folds (smile lines) giving a more youthful appearance in a very subtle way. Our lips start to recede as we age, filler can improve the lip lines and border. Dermal fillers will restore volume and provide a natural lift for a more youthful appearance.

Benefits & Advantages

 ·         Restore volume where it has been lost

 ·         Raises the corners of the mouth

 ·         Fill out cheeks

 ·         Soften lines and creases

 ·         Non-animal product

 ·         Enhance your lips

 ·         Soften glabellar lines(between the eyebrows)

 ·         Flatten scars

The Experience
A numbing topical cream can be placed on the site of injection, or a lip block (similar to a dental block) if lips are being enhanced. Once the facial filler is injected you will notice the results immediately.


Don’t massage treated area.

Possible Side Effects and downtime
Bruising at the site of injection and may have some temporary swelling. You may feel lumpiness initially (although not always visible), it should subside over time. The lips will have more swelling due to the lip block injection and product,. It can take up to two weeks to see the final result of the lips.

The Success
Immediate happiness, no waiting for results. Restylane dermal fillers last 6-24 months on average.

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