IPL hair removal works by sending a beam of IPL light to a group of follicles to destroy the root, but it won’t harm the skin. The skin is usually cooled with gel. The IPL beam finds the hair follicles by targeting the melanin. The IPL only destroys hair in its active growth phase (anagen phase). More than one treatment is required, about every 4-8 weeks depending on the the treated area.

Prior To Treatment

- Avoid tanning

- No waxing , plucking, threading one month prior

- The area should be shaved 1 day before treatment

- Avoid Advil or aspirin-like medication before and after

- No make-up on treated area

Risks to IPL Hair removal treatments

Some initial redness or swelling the treated area is common. If you’re prone to cold sores or have herpes simplex virus, treating the area can trigger an outbreak. People with darker skin types have more risk of discoloration of the skin, either darker or lighter.