Over time, our skin begins to display the effects of aging. Outside factors like sun, gravity and hormones can actually speed up the aging process. The collagen found in our skin begins to break down and results in fine lines around the eyes and lips, deeper lines and grooves in the brow, and much more. One day we wake up to find that our face no longer has that youthful, vibrant appearance we once had. Various procedures can help treat skin conditions and restore youthful appearances to our faces. Photo rejuvenation treatments, using advancements in technology, can treat our skin in safe, easy, gentler and effective manner.

Photo rejuvenation, a minimally-invasive procedure, only treats the needed areas while leaving the surrounding tissues intact. This provides the patient with smoother, healthier, younger-looking skin. While typically performed on the face, photo rejuvenation can also treat the neck, chest and hands.

Q: Who would be an Ideal Candidate for Photo Rejuvenation?

A: Those people looking to enhance the appearance of their face would represent an ideal candidate for photo rejuvenation treatments.

Q: Benefits of Photo Rejuvenation?

A: Photo rejuvenation offers many advantages, including:

·         No or very short recovery time

·         Achieving healthier and smoother looking skin

·         Reducing pore size

·         More even skin tone

·         Reducing redness and flushing caused by rosacea

·         Reducing the size of wrinkles

·         Enhancing appearance and boosting self-confidence

Q: What Are the Risks and Limitations of Photo Rejuvenation?

A: Photo rejuvenation is considered as a very safe procedure worldwide. The photo rejuvenation only affects the targeted tissues and leaves the surrounding tissues intact. The only concerns would be short-term redness, bruising and short-term darkening of age spots.